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Healthy Living




Living With Type II Diabetes

This free program, 12 months, available in English or Spanish, offers patients the information and support they need to start their journey with diabetes. Members receive five packets of information throughout the year, a monthly newsletter and invitations to meet other people through the local Association activities, as well as through virtual community.

Download PDF: English | Spanish | General Information

Being Active

Physical activity is very important when you have diabetes because it helps you lose weight and keep it off. Exercise helps to reduce some of the complications associated with diabetes, so that the following resources describe ways to stay active.

  • Introduction to Physical Activity for People with Diabetes

    This resource offers physical activity tips for people with diabetes. They give you basic exercise tips, endurance tests, practice, exercises, etc. It is available in English and Spanish.
    Download PDF: English | Spanish
  • Walking Works

    This resource offers basic exercises for walking. 
    Download PDF: English | Spanish
  • Let's Get Moving

    This resource offers examples of inside activities that you can do to better your health. 
    Download PDF:  English | Spanish
  • Leg Exercises and Diabetes

    This resource offers examples of specific exercises for your legs. 
    Download PDF: English | Spanish
  • Seated Physical Activities

    This document list ways that you can exercise or get active by sitting down. 
    Download PDF: English | Spanish 
  • The Do's and Don'ts of Physical Activity

    This resource lists the do's and don'ts of physician activity to make sure that you do not injure yourself and that you are exercising correctly. 
    Download PDF: English | Spanish

Healthy Eating

When you have diabetes, it is extremely important that you eat healthy and part of your meal. Foods that are high in salt or sugar are dangerous for diabetics and sometimes can trigger an attack. It is important to know what foods to eat if you have low blood sugar and the foods you should eat if you have blood sugar. Here are some resources on how to cook healthy and how to make smart decisions when choosing what to eat.

  • A Basic Guide to Healthy Eating

    This bi-lingual brochure gives a listing of healthy foods and what foods to avoid. It is available in both English and Spanish.
    Descargar PDF: English & Spanish
  • Serving Sizes: When You Can Not Measure Your Food

    This worksheet teaches about portion control and how to estimate portion sizes when on the road. It is available in English and Spanish.
    Download PDF: English | Spanish
  • Healthy Food

    This brochure provides a brief list of healthy foods to eat.
    Download PDF: English | Spanish
  • Nutrition Facts Label

    This resource explains how to read nutrition labels and highlights the areas that are most important for patients with diabetes. It is available in English and Spanish.
    Download PDF: English | Spanish
  • Carbohydrates and Blood Sugar Control

    This resource tells readers that foods high and low in carbohydrates, which is beneficial when it comes to controlling glucose levels in the blood.
    Download PDF: English | Spanish
  • Protect Your Heart: Smart Food Choices

    This document provides detailed information about what foods are healthy for the heart. It also provides instructions on how to prepare healthy meals.
    Download PDF: English | Spanish

Cessation of Smoking

If you have diabetes and smoke, you have a higher risk of having a heart attack, stroke, kidney disease and other health problems. To learn more about how smoking may increase the complications of diabetes and to learn about how to quit smoking, please see the following resources.

  • All About Quitting Smoking

    This resource tells readers why it is important to stop smoking goods as a way to quit smoking. It also provides a plan to quit readers to fill. It is available in English and Spanish.
    Download PDF: English | Spanish

Diabetes and Your Culture

Diabetes affects people differently, and the prevalence rates differ among ethnic groups. The minority population is at an increased risk of diabetes, and it is important to know how to control their diabetes within their own culture. Different cultures have different customs and food preferences, so that resources below detail how to manage diabetes within specific cultures.

  • Healthy Latino Recipes 

    This resource offers tips and recipes for cooking healthy food with a Latin twist.
    Download PDF: English | Spanish
  • Diabetes in Hispanics / Latinos

    This website offers many resources specific to diabetes in the Hispanic population.
    Download PDF: English | Spanish
  • Minorities, Diabetes and Limb Loss

    This resource focuses on the loss of a limb associated with diabetes among minority populations.
    Download PDF: English | Spanish
  • Diabetes in American Indians and Alaska Natives

    This website offers many resources specific to diabetes in the American Indian population.
     Download PDF: English | Spanish
  • Diabetes in African Americans

    This website offers many resources specific to diabetes in the African American population.
    Download PDF: English | Spanish
  • Diabetes in Asian and Pacific Islander

    This website offers many resources specific to diabetes in Asian populations.
    Download PDF: English | Spanish

Depression and Diabetes

Some people who have diabetes also suffer depression because they often find it difficult to control and manage your diabetes. This can lead to the consumption of snuff, obesity and lack of exercise, which are all complications of diabetes. The following resources will help you identify the warning signs of depression, and ways to prevent and avoid becoming depressed.

  • Depression and the Steps to Healthy Living

    This resource gives you tips on how to prevent depression and activities that you can do to feel better.
    Download PDF: English | Spanish
  • Recognition and Management of Depression in People with Diabetes

    This resource tells the readers of the warning signs of depression, how to cope with it, and treatment options. It is available in English and Spanish.
    Download PDF: English | Spanish